Final Project: Remote controlled character


Create a character in a profile view (side view). When creating this character, remember that it will need to be animated! So if all your artwork is on one layer you are on the wrong track. Instead, break up your character into many layers that will allow for easier animating.

There is a minimum of 3 movement animations required for this project. There has to be a walking animation and a jumping animation, leaving the third movement up to you to decide.

These animations will need to be controlled by buttons  on the stage. So for each movement that your character can preform, there needs to be an associated button to control the character, i.e. a jump button, walk button, etc.

For the walking animation, we not only need to animate the character walking but we also need to move him/her across the screen. We will do this by adding or subtracting to the character’s x position, depending on which directing he/she is facing. Since we are going to be moving the character across the screen, we also need to prevent him/her for walking out off view, and turn him/her around so that he/she can walk back in the other direction.


40% of this grade will go to the quality of your artwork and your animations. If little to no effort was made on these drawings and/or your animations are sketchy and jagged, you will lose points.

60% will go to the actionscript portion of the assignment. Full credit will be awarded if the student successfully implements all of the three buttons to control their respective animations. As well as successful detection of the edge of the stage while the character is walking, and turning him around so that he can walk in the opposite direction. Any missing functionality will result in loss of points.


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